CSMR – Day 3

Posted on March 27th, 2009 by Karl Beecher

And so CSMR concludes. Still recovering from the conference dinner (surreally hosted in the Hotel Alcatraz, which used to be a prison — and that’s not a joke). Enjoyed it here, conversed with some really interesting chaps, and one or two personal heroes.

Let me wrap up with some bite-sized snippets:

  • Acceptance rate of papers: 31%
  • Best paper award: “Incremental Clone Detection” by Nils Gode and Rainer Koscher
  • Special award: Harry Sneed (“for leadership and many contributions to the practice and principled growth of software maintenance techniques and their industrialization.”)
  • Population of Kaiserslautern: 100,000 approx.
  • Time I have to wake up tomorrow to begin my journey home: 0545.

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